Sponsor a room.

Bea's place will hold a number of rooms which will provided varied services.
Please find out more below or contact us if you'd like to discuss this further.

Our rooms

A place for the community.


The classroom will provide an environment for a range of classes and services to take place including: Baby sensory, Antenatal Classes, Breastfeeding support and more.


Sensory Room

The sensory room will provide a safe sensory den for babies and children of all ages. We will adapt the space to suit the needs of each individual and regularly rotate the available sensory items.


Therapy Room

The therapy room will be a cosy den designed to host a range of services including counselling, de-brief services and more.


Services room

The services room will be a tranquil space for additional services such as physio, specialised consultations and birth related services.


Feeding Room

A relaxed space to feed a baby in a comfortable environment with privacy 


Sponsorship of any of our spaces includes:

  • an opening ceremony of the room by the individual(s) or business with photograph opportunity
  • A plaque to commemorate your sponsorship with wording and/or logo which will remain in place throughout the 5 year sponsorship. 
  • Opportunity to name the room within our animal theme

Your sponsorship will also ensure that each day a family receives a service for free, ensuring all families have the opportunity to access our services.

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