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Exciting news for those looking for a gift for friends and family who work in health care or are currently a current or aspiring student!We have our Beyond Bea Healthcare starter packs which includes:


3 pens (in your choice of colours) - one to lend, one to use and one to lose.

1 Beyond Bea pin badge to spread awareness

1 lanyard for your ID badge (and to add your pin badge to)

1 pair of beyond bea scissors for healthcare use - easily cuts materials 

1 ampoule opener (of your choice) to prevent cuts when opening glass ampoules 1 tote bag to use to carry books, carry your lunch or use when out and about.


The deluxe version includes a suture kit and practice skin in addition to the above. The set includes:A full suture set with all the essential instruments, 3 scalpel blades and 10 suture needles and material.Please add your choices in the comment box at the checkout otherwise you will be sent a random selection.





Health Professional essentials pack

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