This is the perfect addition to any health professionals collection or for current and aspiring students.


It allows you to gain lots of essential items whilst also supporting our charity.

Buying the pack offers you a 15% saving than if you were to buy all the items separately.


The pack contains:

  • 3 pens (in your choice of colours) - one to lend, one to use and one to lose.
  • 1 Beyond Bea pin badge to spread awareness
  • 1 lanyard for your ID badge (and to add your pin badge to)
  • 1 ID reel for your ID badge (you can also use this for your ampoule opener)
  • 1 mini carabiner to add equipment to your lanyard or ID reel
  • 1 pair of beyond bea scissors for healthcare use - easily cuts materials
  • 1 ampoule opener (of your choice) to prevent cuts when opening glass ampoules
  • 1 tote bag to use to carry books, carry your lunch or use when out and about.
  • 1 Suture kit including all instruments / suture material and skin/muscle replica

Deluxe Health Professional Essentials pack

Ampoule Opener
Pen Colour 1
Pen Colour 2
Pen Colour 3
ID Reel Colour
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