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The event will be held at the stunning venue of Manchester Hall, which is based within a central Manchester location.

The event is set to be an informal event for those affected by baby loss. It will bring an opportunity for those in the baby loss community to know a little bit more about our charity and what we do as well as providing an interactive conversation about our experiences.

There is no obligation to participate in the conversation and for those who may prefer to simply listen, that’s okay too.


Being here will allow opportunity for you to be amongst those who "get it", with no need to explain your circumstances or for anyone to feel uncomfortable to need to explain it, you will be amongst those who you may have met through a square or a post shared on Facebook, putting faces to handles can really make such a difference.

The conversation we have will allow us to adapt our current training to best suit the needs of parents and help other professionals.

All conversation will be anonymous and not recorded.

We will also be providing a buffet of food and an alcoholic drink on arrival.

Our last event for BLHL with Jess from The Legacy of Leo went with huge success and we hope that a similar surrounding will provide comfort to all that attend.

This event is exclusively for those who have personally been affected by baby loss and their friends or family.

Baby Loss is ANY type of baby loss and time is not an issue, whether your loss was a week ago or twenty years ago. You are welcome to attend.

BLAW Friends & Family Event

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