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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We appreciate that many people will visit our page for various reasons.

We are truly sorry if you have experienced the loss of your own baby and please be assured that you are not alone in your grief. There are many local and national support networks available. Our Missing Peace signposts appropriate support throughout the UK.

Our team are based in Manchester, Leeds and Shropshire so if you would appreciate a friendly face we can organise to meet you if you feel this is what you need.

Some families seek to find ways to 'give back' to the baby loss community, change care for others and acknowledge their baby and remember them. 

We have a few ways listed below of how you may wish to do this:

Memory Book 

Our memory book is a professionally printed book filled with photographs from parents and families of their babies. It is used to educate health professionals and students at our training days and within hospitals of how to appropriately take photographs of babies. It is also a useful resource for families in the same position to be used in hospitals to enable them to prepare for what their baby may look like or to assist them when create their own memories.

If you wish to have your baby included in the next version of our memory book, please contact us via email.

If you wish to donate a book (s) to your maternity or bereavement unit, please see our shop.

Conferences & Study Days -

Bereaved parents are often faced with aspects of their care that they wish were better and could have been improved. Many of these aspects could have been changed if they had received better education. We can offer to run a study day at your local hospital (max. 60 attendees) or a conference at a local university (attendees 250+). Parents and families sometimes wish to fundraise to sponsor a conference or study day in their baby's name and improve education for students and health professionals in their area to improve care  for others.

Please see our conference and study day pages for more information.

Get Involved

Please see our volunteering and fundraising page to see how you can be involved with Beyond Bea Charity. 

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