Meet Our Trustees

Steph Wild

Chairperson & Founder

Steph is a registered and practicing Midwife who lives and works in Manchester. She has always been very passionate about bereavement care and support. She began establishing her interest as a student via her mentors, attended a regular baby loss support group at her local hospital as well as caring for families during her training.

Hearing the stories of parents who had experienced loss and varying degrees of standards of care she had always wanted to become more involved in bereavement care and changing perceptions of how to care and support these families.

In 2017, Steph and her partner Graham lost their baby girl, Beatrice, at 23 weeks and 4 days gestation.

Beyond Bea Charity then established in 2018 in memory of Bea through her name but also to improve care for parents who are bereaved across the UK by training health professionals.

"I recognised that there are a number of training days, events, conferences and also in house training available. This is often overlooked by hospitals as many are already finding it difficult to fulfil mandatory training and so bereavement training often isn't a priority leaving inexperienced, those with minimal exposure and those who are newly qualified to feel inadequate, poorly supported and under prepared. 

There may be other training but many of these are costing large amounts of money (for those who already do not get paid enough for the incredible jobs they do) and usually aren't paid for by hospitals themselves and so Beyond Bea Charity was established to change this and offer all health professionals free training written by an experienced midwife with input by other appropriate medical professionals, parents and care providers"



Donna lives in Manchester and works for a local council as a Schools Budget Officer. 

The majority of her  life has centred around Admin and Finance positions and 26 of those years have been with Local Government.

In her younger years she was involved with Oldham Leo's, a charity organisation which involved fundraising for those less fortunate and good causes.

She is the mother of Steph.

" I couldn't be prouder of my daughter and her partner Graham in how far they have come in such a short time and I'm absolutely overwhelmed with Steph's energy, positivity and wealth of knowledge and personal experience she wishes to share in helping others, I want to continue to support her and will always be by her side throughout the journey with Beyond Bea Charity and serve this in memory of my treasured granddaughter."



Nick is a Registered Midwife, Mum to 5 including a tiny angel and an angel auntie.

She studied at Oxford Brooke’s and has worked as Midwife at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Chipping Norton Midwifery lead Unit, Doncaster Royal infirmary and Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals.

She been actively involved in supporting universities as a guest lecturer, clinical partner and examiner at Sheffield Hallam, Hull, and Lincoln. In addition to her midwifery registration Nick ia also a hypnobirthing and aromatherapy practitioner and an expert in Parent Education.

She has been actively involved in bereavement care, family support, service development and local, regional and national projects since 2016.

She is most proud of being part of the All  Parliamentary Group for the National Bereavement Care Pathway and being a huge influence on the project and assisting with its roll out. 


" I am passionate about providing ALL families the best care possible. I am especially committed to improving bereavement care in my unit, regionally and Nationally. 

The most effective way to achieve this is education, raising awareness with the staff within maternity units, Student’s, Midwives, Doctors, Nurses and health care assistants etc.

‘Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world’
Nelson Mandela

I want bereavement care to be at its best in every Hospital in the country, because every family deserve nothing less.  It is our one chance to get it right!

I’m incredibly proud to be part of such an inspirational Charity with amazing trustees that can offer a comprehensive education programme from both a parents and professional perspective."

Chris Binnie

Conference Lead  & University Liason

In late April 2014, Chris was excitedly anticipating the imminent birth of his first son Henry, totally oblivious to the hidden reality of pregnancy loss, stillbirth, bereavement care, and everything that goes with it.


Henry was stillborn at 38 weeks on 2nd May, 2014 due to placental insufficiency and undiagnosed growth restriction.

Since Henry’s death, Chris has been extremely active around the country campaigning for better bereavement care as well as more effective prevention mechanisms – a vital combination to both reduce the number of families who experience this most devastating of tragedies whilst ensuring that the best possible care is available and provided to those who do find themselves walking this path. Chris is also keen to advocate for fathers, whose needs are often overlooked in bereavement settings.

Chris firmly believes that more high-quality education for maternity professionals, and especially for students (who are often shielded from bereavement situations) is absolutely essential to ensure that the care provided to families is as good as it can possibly be at such a devastating time. Chris believes that Beyond Bea’s focus on education is invaluable and is hugely honoured and excited to be taking the role of Conference Lead for the charity.

Away from Beyond Bea, Chris is also the chairperson of his local baby loss charity (Our Angels), works in the orthopaedic healthcare industry, referees rugby union to regional level, and in December 2018 was blessed with twin daughters, Robyn and Hallie, little sisters for Henry.

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